A Lazy Afternoon in the Burbs  

Posted by Scott Wilson

A Lazy Afternoon in the Burbs
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 255

Ezra was relaxing on the hammock slung in the back-yard; enjoying the soft summer breezes he heard the unmistakable sound of an automatic weapon. Without thinking, he rolled off the hammock and hugged the ground for dear life just as the string of bullets ripped through the hammock above him.

“Sorry about that, Nevil,” his wife yelled from the clothes line. She pointed to the white picket fence behind him.

Nevil hadn’t noticed the two zombies trying to force their way into their yard.
“Thanks dear,” Nevil said. “If...”

Nevil’s wife dropped to the ground as he fired a couple of round from his shotgun in her direction. She rolled quickly, leaping to an offensive position and fired a couple of rounds in the direction of the ruckus.

“Did you leave the side gate open again?” she asked, standing up quickly.

“Sorry dear,” he said. “Must have been when I took the garbage out earlier.”

Nevil’s wife fired another round into the head of the twitching corpse on the ground near the open gate.

“Well you can bloody well clean up this time,” she said. “You know the rules, you let them in, you clean up the mess.”

Nevil grunted. So much for a nice relaxing afternoon, he thought to himself as he went to the shed to get the Zombie-Matic mulcher. I really didn’t feel like gardening today.


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