It Always Ends with the Paperwork  

Posted by Scott Wilson

It Always Ends with the Paperwork
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 362

“Hey Al, you better get here right away, this guy at the door says he’s the Sheriff, and he’s got a bunch of papers for you to sign"

Al put his Four-ex down on the coffee table and paused the footy match on the telly.

“That better not be on the woodwork, Al!” his wife yelled from the kitchen.
“No luv,” Al said, moving the can onto a coaster and wiping the wet ring from the polished wood.

Standing at the door with the Sheriff was Al’s teenage daughter; she battered her eyelids at the young hunky Officer as she brushed past him and hopped on her scooter.

“My family is just out of control, Jake,” Al said to the Sheriff. “I’m outnumbered, and outvoted by the girls now.”

The Sheriff smiled, he was shagging both Al’s wife and daughter and knew just how out of control his life was.

“You get that when you’re a busy business man and don’t have any son’s to mind the family when you’re at work.”

Al shrugged, “What have you got for me today?”

The Sheriff handed over a pile of papers relating to the dozen bodies Al had collected from the fire at the Chemical Warehouse the previous night. Al had not started the autopsies yet, and was planning to go into work after the game finished on Foxtel.

“You’re not going to let me have the morning off, are you?” Al said.

The Sheriff smiled, thinking about doing Al’s wife on Al’s Jason Recliner once he left to go to work.

“I think you’re really going to have to go to work now and help out your apprentice, Al.”

Al took the paperwork and grabbed his car keys.

“I’ll just let Rosie I’ll be back at five or so,” Al said.

“I’ll do that now, save you some time so you can get home sooner.”

The Sheriff watched Al drive off before heading into the kitchen to take care of Al’s wife, like a good friend would.


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