Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Junk Mail

Junk Mail
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 155

He booted up the computer and found a message that ordered him to go to a distant part of town. Failure to do so would impact negatively on his life and expectations.

“This must be some kind of joke,” Helmut said. “My spam filter should have stopped this crap coming through.

“Settle down, Helmy,” his wife, Annalise said. “What harm can it do?”

Helmut stamped his feet, not realising that their cat, Hemlock, was sleeping soundly next to his footrest. The cat sprang up in pain, swiping Helmut across the ankles.

“Ouch!” he shrieked, pushing back on his chair and tumbling to the ground. His neck snapped when he hit the ground awkwardly.

“I think I’ll send that message to your mother next,” Helmut heard his wife say as his life faded quickly from him.


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Jarmara Falconer said...

Very good, Scott.

Keep up the good work ;-)