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By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 231

Friendships are so intricate, so demanding. If you are not careful, they are apt to poke large holes in one’s psyche. Jude knew this to be true from personal experience and bore the scars to prove it. The last time she opened up and let someone in, she ended up getting hurt and it took her ages to get over it. This would be the last time that she would give in to her emotions and trust someone. She was sure of it.

“Okay,” she said to the tall and slender Elf with silver hair and lime green eyes. “You can come around this weekend, if you promise to show me how to make some of those Elvish broaches.”

The Elf smiled.

“You know that only Elves can give the broaches the magical properties though?”

“I do now,” said Jude. “After selling a bundle of them at the markets after that were nothing but shiny knick knacks and almost getting my head kicked in.”

“Not all Elves like Gnomes you know,” the Elf said.

“Yeh, but to play a joke like that is a bit low, even for an Elf.”

Jude did not see the two other Elves snickering in the bushes as she walked off with her new “friend.”


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