Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 399

“With all this patriotism going around, you can’t help feeling more than a little proud...even if you don’t buy into it all the way,” Randy said to his colleague. “I believe the new president is on track to making our nation great again.”

“But you live in Australia now mate,” Paul, or Blue, as it mates called him said. “It’s not really being patriotic if you live in one country and say how wonderful the one you left is. I mean, if it was that great, why leave it?”

“I’m still a patriotic American. Just because I moved overseas ten years ago, doesn’t mean I don’t love the US of A.”

“You see, I’ve never understood that. You have all of these immigrants from all sorts of countries moving to Australia because of our freedom and relaxed lifestyle. But then, they want the country to change everything to how their culture is back home. I mean, can’t imagine moving to Iraq and telling them that I want roast pork on the menu and them agreeing to it. I’d be lucky if I didn’t get blown up for even suggesting it.”

“Whoa, slow down there chief. You’re starting to sound like a redneck, not an Aussie.”

“See what I mean, if a white Australian male says anything he is a bigot, but where are the blokes who made this a great and free country. Now, we aren’t allowed to say anything. I reckon in another ten years, this country will be so overrun by immigrants that there won’t be and freedom or tolerance. We’ll end up run by the same fascist bastards who dictate the living conditions that all these bloody boat people move to this country to escape.”

“So what would you suggest? How would you keep Australia a free democracy?”

“Well for a start, let’s just blow this Mosque up, and then get back home to have a brew and chat about how we can take out China Town next weekend.”

“Good idea, Blue. A lot easier to perform these operations here compared to back in America. It’s almost like ASIO turns a blind eye because of the targets we choose.”

“Do you want to grab a curry from Miss India’s on the way home, Randy?”


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