Friday, July 3, 2009

From Good Stock

From Good Stock
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 155

The villagers threw tomatoes, cabbage, beets, radish, and even some potatoes at the young man in the stocks. The vegetables rained down in torrents and after only ten minutes the city guards had to disperse the crowd to prevent the young man being killed by a coronary, or a cabbage.

“Oi, you with the pumpkin!” shouted the burly city guard. “Put the pumpkin down and back away. And you ma’am, holster that gourd.”

Once the crowd left and the guards had began their patrol again an elderly man with a large wicker basket hobbled towards the stocks. He began collecting the vegetables, and winked at the man in the stock.

“There must be an easier way for you to get the food for the tavern, dad,” the man in the stock said.


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