Friday, July 3, 2009

Count Handel and the Dark Planet

Count Handel and the Dark Planet
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 200

Count Handel looked at the sky, happy at the site of a sunless sky and the surrounding darkness across the horizon.

“Well, my trusted servant,” the Count said to the small deformed man standing next to him. “This planet will be perfect to breed the humans on.”

The vampire released the prisoners from the cargo hold and watched as they began carrying the equipment to the planet’s surface. Without daylight, the clan would not need to sleep or worry about their crypts being shattered and being burnt to the second death.

“Let us see this planet’s beauty,” the Count said. “Awaken the rest of the clan.”
The Count strolled out of the space shuttle and surveyed the surface. The workers were running in all directions, no longer carrying the equipment.

“What’s going on here!” the Count demanded.

He did not see the two zombies lunge at him from under the shuttle. They dragged him under and began gorging themselves upon his cold, dead flesh before eventually giving up due to the lack of taste.


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