Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dead Fish

Dead Fish
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 187

“You know this is fundamental. This sex thing is like riding a bicycle. Once you find out never forget.” Harvey said slowly.

The naked woman with loose, gray skin moaned at him, wiggling beneath the shackles that bound her to the cellar wall.

“If you just learnt how to stop trying to bite me I could take the hockey mask off you. I’m sure you’d enjoy it more too it your face was uncovered.”

The chains clanged against the cold, hard concrete, echoing like heavy wind chimes in the barren subterranean room. The noise spurred the woman into frenzy and she shook wildly, trying to break free.

Harvey tore his clothes off and joined in the frenzy until he was spent. Slowly, the woman stopped her struggles and flopped back against the wall.

“Look, Patricia.” Harvey said. “You used to be a real horn bag until you became a zombie. Why can’t you stop trying to bite me? You seem to still enjoy a good shag.”


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