Friday, July 31, 2009

A Hard Act to Swallow

A Hard Act to Swallow
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 384

I was going to give in without an argument, and let the bastard get his divorce, until his new girlfriend started to covert the things I had brought to the marriage: the Spode, the silver and antique furniture. That was just too much. It wasn’t enough for the hussy to turn him straight, but to try and take my family jewels as well as his was going too far.

“Clarence,” I said as he came home late from work smelling of her Elizabeth Arden perfume. “Come into the lounge room will you dear. I’ve got something I need to show you something.”

Clarence walked casually into the dimly lit room and gasped when he saw me lying naked on the sheepskin rug by the fireplace with a muscular young lad from our gym.
“I know you’ve always wanted to have a threesome,” I said, knowing he’d always let his eye wander when Trent walked through the gym with his tight, Lycra bike shorts. “Trent couldn’t believe it when I told him you where batting for the other team now.”

“I had to do anything I could to get you back, honey,” Trent said, stroking my shoulder. “Why don’t you come join us?”

“We can work things out, darling,” I said then kissed Trent deeply. I could feel Clarence watching as both Trent and I became aroused, and quite noticeably in Trent’s case.

Clarence dropped his coat on the floor and quickly began to undress.

“Maybe for old time’s sake” he said. “We could give it one more try, at least tonight anyway.”

Clarence knelt down and kissed Trent, while I caressed him gently. He stood to attention quickly and I began to work on him with my tongue before taking him deep in my mouth.

“Oh, Cindy,” he moaned.

That was just too much for me. Calling me by that bitch’s name. I couldn’t help myself. I bit down as hard as I could.

Clarence screamed and hit me on the top of my head. Not a smart thing to do as it made me gag and swallow. I guess I get to keep his family jewels after all.


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