The Final Push  

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The Final Push
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 299

He fought against the immense and relentless forces trying to expel him from his home. While it was dark and uninviting, he became accustomed to his new abode and did not want to leave. It was warm, just the way he liked it.

Another push pressed strongly against his back, attempting to manoeuvre him through the exit. He could not yet see who was doing this too him because of the darkness surrounding him. If he could just see who pushed against his back, head and side then he would feel better or at least know if he had a chance in fighting back. At the moment, he was fighting a losing battle.

Light suddenly appeared at the exit and the pushing came on even stronger, his legs were now outside. He reached up and scratched at the ceiling with his sharp claws, tearing away madly. A screamed began to pierce his ears and he let go, but lumps of the ceiling came away with his hands.

“What the...!” a voice outside the exit said.

He focused his attention back on the light in the doorway and saw the owner of the voice.

“It can’t be human!” cried a female voice.

With a wet pop, the male outside pulled the rest of his body out of the door. The owner of the male voice wore a mask that covered the bottom half of his face, he looked like a doctor. The doctor picked him up and slapped him hard across his back, making him fill with rage and causing him to cry in pain.

“That can’t be my baby,” screamed another female voice behind him.


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