A Day in the Life of a Fairy  

Posted by Scott Wilson

A Day in the Life of a Fairy
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 364

Trixie Bottlescrubs shook the fairy dust from her petite, dragonfly sized wings. This sort of dust accumulated on a pixies wings overnight in the same way that sleep does in your typical human’s eyes. That’s not to say that Trixie was just your typical pixie though, far from it. Trixie was born into royalty at a very early age, which is typical of someone who has a king as a father and a queen as a mother.

“Morning Princess,” a voice squeaked from under her bed.

“Good morning, Tirza.”

The fluffy, white mouse scurried out with Trixie’s slippers, placing them on the ground the very moment that the princess’s feet touched down.

Trixie stood up walked to her duchess on the opposite side of the room, sat down and began to brush her long, dark brown hair.

Tizra quickly climbed the leg of the duchess, tilted the oval mirror slightly and pulled the draw cord to open the pink velvet curtains. The sun shone in, reflecting perfectly off the mirror to make a soft, gold aura around Trixie as she looked her reflection. Tizra slide down the leg opposite the curtain and scampered to the bedroom door, leaping onto a small bookcase, ran up the paperback section, through the hard covers and onto the first editions on the top shelf. The handle was only a small leap from Trixie’s favorite author of the moment, Stephen Queen. He wrote two futuristic magic-fiction novels a year in the genre that made him a best seller and household name, both of which were immediately made into theatrical plays.

“Thank you, Tizra,” Trixie said, walking through the door as it swung open.

Trixie pulled to door closed, jerking it harshly when it wouldn’t fully shut.

“Tizra,” Trixie said. “Can you remind me to get this door looked at.”

Trixie was surprised her little helper did not answer.

“Oh, bugger,” Trixie said noticing a small mound of blood and mouse fur wedged in the door way. “That’s the third one this week.

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