Cemetery Dance  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Cemetery Dance
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 252

The walk to the cemetery was refreshing for Julian, after a long and tedious day in the depressing office. Once amongst the tombstones and with the thought of the corpses so close by, Julian brightened up.

If he could just find a way to combine his fascination and obsession with death with his job he would be the happiest employee alive. Old man Clyde at the Hemmant Cemetery kept saying that there was no work for Julian, even when Julian offered to work for free after hours and on weekends.

Julian waved at Clyde, who was sitting in the office in the centre of the cemetery. Clyde gave him a fake smile and a pathetic little waggle of the hand that hardly passed as half a wave. Julian smiled, thinking that the old geezer would have to retire soon; he must have been in his eighties.

At the end of the original burial ground, Julian sat on the headstone of Bertice Flower. He had no idea who she was but her plot sat in front of Arnold Switzergal, the first serial killer in Hemmant, and probably Queensland.

Julian rolled a cigarette, lit it with his Zippo, and blew a smoke ring. He looked at his watch and sighed, two hours until darkness would come like and old and comforting friend. Tonight he would make an opening for a new employee.

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