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By Scott Wilson

Word Count: 237

“Hey Dirk, check out the new recruits,” Ivan said to his close friend and co-founder of Faceblog.

Dirk swivelled his chair and looked at the dozen monitors on the wall in front of Ivan. There were profiles for twenty or so new members to their online community. Each one appeared to have nothing in common with the other, yet.

“I think those two would make a good couple,” Dirk said, looking at an obese middle aged man and an eighteen year old brunette with a supermodel figure.

“That’s hilarious. I’ll have to hook them up right away.”

Ivan punched in a sequence of commands to the command computer and within minutes, the two unlikely members were organising a date.

“How about setting those three up,” Ivan said, pointing to three buffed football players from opposing clubs.

“Bout time those bloody meat heads got some of their own medicine. You always read about how they pack rape women. Let’s see how they feel when they realise they’ve been photographed having a gay threesome in the dressing room.”

“Hey, pull up the file of that poor lady who was raped in that dressing room last year. We’ll get her to take the photos,” Ivan said. “She might even make a bit of money selling the pictures to the tabloids.”

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