Monday, April 6, 2009


By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 204

–noun 1. overabundance or superfluity of words, as in writing or speech; wordiness; verbosity.

I don’t know why my parents decided to call me Verbiage. Maybe they were being funny at the time, or stoned like they usually were.

I am extremely quiet, reserved and very shy. Most of the time I prefer my own company, reading a Dean Koontz, Clive Barker or Stephen King novel. I’m really more of a Cliché than Verbiage. I listen to heavy metal like Dokken, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Yngwie Malmsteen through my I-Pod, while locked away in my room reading a nice horror novel.

Anyway, once I was old enough to understand what my name meant, I left home in disgust. I moved to the outer rim planets, working in the asteroid mines wherever I could. It is good money and the job is very isolated, don’t have to work with anyone else or talk to other numb nuts who thought they were either hilarious or smart.
I have planet hopped to avoid the police for ten years now. While I don’t mince my words, I do have a tendency to mince people who annoy me, like my parents.

Thanks enough for now, don’t want to waste any more words.

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