Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dementia Spell

Dementia Spell
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 318

“Listen, you old bat, your reminiscences may be very satisfying to you, but they bore the hell out of me. Time you get into reality and got yourself a life,” Sally said to her mother-in-law.

The old woman stared blankly at Sally and Sally could tell that she had lapsed into another “dementia spell” as her mother-in-law called them.

“What are you doing here, Sally?”

Sally knew that the last five minutes of telling her mother-in-law how she really felt about her was already gone.

“Just came to see how you were going, see if you need anything before I go to work.”
The vacant look disappeared from Sally’s mother-in-law’s face, she was back.
“You know, I’ve never really liked you. You were never good enough for my Charlie. Whore, slut, bitch.”

Sally could not think of anything witty to say, she was in shock. She thought it was probably the dementia again, it caused abusive outbursts. But then again, Sally’s gut instinct told her it was deep-seated feelings coming out of her mother-in-law and had nothing to do with the dementia.

“Never liked you at all you little bitch, taking my Charlie away from me at such an early age, fucking slut. He should have lived at home until he had a degree, nice job, enough money for a deposit on a house. Not scrounging for dimes on a low paying unskilled shop assistant. Fucking bitch.”

“Just a minute...” Sally began.

Her mother-in-law lunged forward, jabbing a knitting needle deep into Sally’s eye and through her brain. Sally fell to the floor, twitching as the life ran quickly out of her onto the polished wood floor.

The mother-in-law sat back in her rocking chair and stared blankly at the photo of her children on the wall. She rocked slowly back and forth, oblivious to the pool of blood forming on the floor.


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