Sunday, April 26, 2009

Learn the Lingo

Learn the Lingo
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 178

“One of the positive things about little league is the kids all learn how to hustle,” Chip said to the group of fathers at the sports club bar.

“Look, mate!” Paul said. “This is Australia you Yankee wanker. It’s not little league. It’s bloody baseball. Bad enough you yanks have invaded our country with all your other slang without adding another one.”

“Just a doggon minute, pal.” Chip said.

“No you listen. We eat bikkies, not bloody cookies. We give our kids lollies, not bloody candy. Our babies wear nappies, not diapers, so sick of you hijacking our language.”

“I think you should just tone it down, buddy.”

“Don’t call me buddy. It’s mate, got it mate. If you’re going to live in our country, at least learn how to speak the lingo.”

Chip punched Paul with a roundhouse to the stomach.

“What do you all call that, mate?” he said, walking out of the bar.


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