Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Secret

The Secret
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 367

"Silly Scilla, silly Scilla," the young girl sang, as she pushed another tiny blue flower into her hair. She knew she would have to remove these adornments before they returned to the house. When Mum gently cleared her throat, Elizabeth remembered the tiny celery seeds that had been spilling out of her apron all morning.
She sighed and settled down in an empty row, digging her bare toes into the cool soil. She froze when her foot bumped something hard. Scooping the dirt aside with her fingers, she found a tiny, tattered purse. Glancing at her mother to ensure her secret treasure was still a secret; she opened the clasp and gasped.

“What are you?” Elizabeth said softly.

“What’s that, honey?” her mother said.

“Oh, nothing. I was just thinking aloud, Mum.”

Elizabeth turned away from her mother, pulling the purse closer to make sure her mother did not see. Inside a glittering golden light sparkled in the warm autumn sun. She poked her finger inside and moved it around gently. The golden light swirled with the circular motion, like a tiny whirlpool. The light felt soft and warm on Elizabeth’s finger and she put another two fingers in the purse.

Elizabeth felt a tingle run along her arm and down her spine; it tickled and felt nice, causing her to giggle.

“What’s so funny, darling?” her mother said.

“Nothing, mummy. Just thought about a joke I heard at school.”

“That’s nice dear.”

Elizabeth pushed her whole hand in the purse, smiling as the golden light swirled around her arm, slowly creeping up like a serpent. The tingling sensation ran through her body and she felt like giggling again, this time she held it inside so her mother didn’t turn and see the beautiful light.

Elizabeth’s mother smelt a crisp, fresh aroma and turned towards her daughter.

“Elizabeth?” she said.

A thousand tiny butterflies flittered around an open purse on the ground where her daughter stood moments before. Elizabeth’s mother bent over and picked up the purse, mesmerized by the enchanting golden light swirling inside.


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