When You Were Mine  

Posted by Scott Wilson

When You Were Mine
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 384

On a day like this, a hundred lifetimes ago, I remember seeing you on the shore, across the point. I landed on your planet to restock my supplies with the primitive minerals and vegetation, never considering the likelihood of meeting my future wife. The ship’s library advised me it was an uninhabited planet, not even primitive life to speak of.

I looked through my hands and you drew me a line. At first I did not realize what you meant, but from the smile on your face I wanted to see you close up and came to you. Oh those days when you were mine; they haunt me relentlessly.

On a world like this, a hundred turns left to go, vivid images of you are burnt deep in my mind. It is a cruel twist of fate to land on such a planet, and on the anniversary of our separation. Again, it was an unplanned stop off for replenishing supplies. At least this planet is well populated and I can have a few drinks to wash away my sorrow, at least for the day.
Deep in a room, which I've never seen before, memories flood over me like a tsunami. Outside it's so cold, but I'm waiting for time to pass. The evening closes in and I drink myself into a stupour.

Although there have been plenty of islands between now and then, the crashing sea outside awakens me from a nightmare, most likely brought on by the sounds heard in my sleep. Rocks break the primitive boats of the painted faced men, and they drown. Centuries ago this would be tragic, but they're born, and they live once again, and this all happens every day on every planet. Well most planets, where the United Federation of Nations is acknowledged. I wonder if you are lucky enough to have found one of these planets and still live in hope of finding me, like I with you. Sometimes I wonder if it might be better to settle on a planet outside this boundary and live only the remains of this life. So many empty lifetimes without you, so many more yet to come.

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