Love In Stereo  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Love In Stereo
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 506

Gerard closed the door to his single room flatette, furious at life and how unfair it seemed. At seventeen he moved out of home and tried to live of junior wages of only one hundred and fifty five dollars. Sixty six dollars went straight into the rent on the only dump he could afford; small kitchen, bathroom and toilet in another minute space and the remainder of the flatette served as the bedroom/dining room/living room.

The place came fully furnished with an assortment of tacky old pieces spewed out of the sixties, orange bed, lime green dining room table and chairs and gas hot water system that he relit just about every evening.

He opened the heavy iron door of the old Kelivator refrigerator and grabbed a cask of Yalumba Riesling wine, then proceeded to the dining room table and poured himself a tall glass. Sitting on the windowsill was a half full packet of Winfield Blue cigarettes. He pulled one out and lit it with his brushed brass Zippo.

Gerard knew he only had twenty dollars left in his wallet, and that had to last another two days.

“Shit!” he grunted, throwing a coaster across the room at the laundry basket. “I’m soo sick of this crap. Why doesn’t anything ever go my way?”

A soft knock at the door stopped his train of thought. He stubbed his cigarette out in an overflowing ashtray, and then went to answer the door.

“Hi, Gerard,” the attractive blonde at the door said. It was Kathy from work.

“Hey,” he said, surprised by Kathy’s presence. “What are you doing here?”

“Do you remember we were talking about that new Warrant song, ‘Love in Stereo’ today, and I said how much I like it?”

Gerard thought back to it; ‘I didn't expect that pair, Both of them had one thing on their mind, Both of them were willing to share, I never had two women before, But I'm an open minded person, So baby lock that door, We're loving in stereo’.

“Yeh, sure, what about it?”

A curvaceous dark haired nymph-like woman, about the same age as Gerard and Kathy, about seventeen, stepped out from behind Kathy.

“This is my friend Sue,” Kathy said smiling. “It’s her favorite song too.”

The penny dropped.

“Er, yeh. Lucky guy in the tune, hey?”

“I didn’t think you got what I meant today, so I thought I’d come over and get Sue to help me explain it.”

Kathy and her friend brushed past Gerard and headed towards the bedroom. Gerard closed the door and followed in disbelief, watching the clothes drop quickly in their wake.

Gerard couldn’t believe how naive he was. How many times had he missed out on things like this, because he was feeling sorry for himself?

Kathy and Sue beckoned for him to join them on the bed, where they spent the rest of the evening in shear pleasure.

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