AHWA NEWS DIGEST [01.03.09-15.03.09]  

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AHWA NEWS DIGEST [01.03.09-15.03.09]

The following digest of recent horror news is compiled from pieces published to HorrorScope and the Australian Horror Writers' Association website.

A Dark New World: Anatomy of Australian Horror Films
While the rest of the Australian film industry is languishing, horror movies are alive and thriving and reaping in the big bucks according to a Queensland University of Technology researcher. Dr. Mark David Ryan has completed the first in-depth study into the re-emergence of horror films and the reasons why horror hungry fans can't get enough of our Aussie schlock. Mark's thesis has been released online and can be downloaded from:

Masques Anthology Launch
Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (CSFG) Publishing would like to invite you to the launch of its eighth anthology Masques on 20th March 2009, from 5.00pm. Special guest author Gary Hampson will unveil Masques at the National Archives of Australia on Queen Victoria Terrace. Some authors and editors will be in attendance to sign copies of Masques. Based in Canberra, the CSFG aims to assist science fiction, fantasy, horror writers and illustrators Australia-wide to develop their craft through critiquing, and sharing news and experiences. 30 authors from across Australia (and beyond) come together in Masques.

Chuck McKenzie's Deadwalkers
AHWA member Chuck McKenzie has launched his second "fictional blog" of serialized fiction, with the following statement: "Deadwalkers is a tale set quite a bit further into the future than most post-apocalyptic zombie fare, and one which - hopefully - throws a few new ingredients into the mix. But you'll have to read it to judge for yourselves. So please consider yourselves invited to visit, read, hopefully enjoy, and comment. A new chapter will go up weekly, and the prologue has already been posted. Hey, it's free, so what have you got to lose?"

Manifest 2009 - Melbourne Anime Festival - New Venue!
The following news has been published by the management of Manifest 2009 - Melbourne Anime Festival. "To celebrate our 10th anniversary Melbourne Anime Festival has uprooted and released itself from the shackles of the University of Melbourne and is now going to be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds. After many years of preparing we are finally taking the leap and a big one at that." A Minifest will be held at Melbourne University (10:00am - 8:00pm, 4th April, Architecture Building, University of Melbourne) as well as a Sakura House Cosplay Dinner in the wilds of Wantirna South on April 1st.

Infinitas Newsletter March 2009
The Infinitas Newsletter - published by Infinitas Bookshop - is now available for March 2009 at This month's newsletter has a short story, plenty of news and lots of great new books to tempt you. Scan through for your favourite authors and series.

Aeon Award 2008 Winners
Grand Judge of the Aeon Award, respected SF author Ian Watson, has made his decision on the winners of the 2008 contest. Ian chose as winner Twinkle, Twinkle by British author Colin Henchley, who receives the 1000 euro Grand Prize and publication in the next issue (#36) of Albedo One. In second place Ian chose Aegis by U.S. author David T. Neale, who receives 200 euro and will be published in issue 37 of Albedo One. In third place was The Better to See You With by U.S. author Allison Francisco. The Aeon Award 2009 is currently open to submissions, and hopes to continue to promote new writers and writing in the speculative fiction genres.

Clarion South Needs Donations
The Clarion South writers workshop, known as the Australian 'boot camp' for speculative fiction writers, is experiencing trouble and calling for donations to ensure the next workshop goes ahead in 2011. A call for support from Kate Eltham, co-director of Clarion South, states: "There are a few ways you can help... 1. Donate to our Fundraising Appeal - simply go to to make a PayPal donation directly to Clarion South. 2. Spread the word - even if you can't donate to the Appeal, we would love your support to spread the word about our fundraising drive. By the end of March, we are hoping to raise $4,000 for Clarion South. Thank you in advance for your love and support. We're incredibly passionate about Clarion South and would like to see it thrive and continue into the future."

Midnight Echo III
Midnight Echo III, the magazine of the Australian Horror Writers' Association, is open for business and receptive to unique reverberations. Editor Stephen Studach has issued a call for submissions - " of dark fantasy up to 5000 words. That imposed number, however, should be considered a flexible margin. If a work runs to twice that, and you are confident of its worth, then give me a look. Sorry, definitely nothing past 10,000 words this time. Whilst the type of story is almost completely open on this one, if anyone wants to work to a theme try an auditory one; sound, echoes, resonances. Be they literal, metaphoric, or both. But, remember, I am open to all types of tale. Except... No funnies, please. The only humour allowed this time is the black stuff that can sometimes be distilled from seriously dark works. Things tittered out nervously in lieu of a scream or a crazed laugh. The macabre slapstick that sometimes occurs when battling shadows for one's life and sanity. Stylistically you can send me Gothic, old school, cutting edge, atmospheric, mood or experimental pieces, I am a devotee of all of these. If in doubt, send it anyway." For poetry and fine art guidelines, read the full news item at HorrorScope.

Stay Tuned for a special A Night Of Horror International Film Festival AHWA News Digest supplementary edition!

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If you have news about Australian and New Zealand Horror publishing and film, or news of professional development opportunities in the field, feel free to submit news to Talie Helene, AHWA News Editor. Just visit HorrorScope, and click on the convenient email link. (International news is not unwelcome, although relevance to Antipodean literary arts practitioners is strongly preferred.)

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