Private Files  

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Private Files
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 507

“Look, I’ve only got one call dude,” Tam said to her best friend Angie from the phone at the city watch house. “You’ve got to do this for me.”

“If I delete the music from your computer, won’t I be an accessory to the crime?”

“Look, nobody knows you’re going to do it. I mean we both live together, some calling you won’t be suss.”

“What about the date on the computer, won’t it show that it was deleted today?”

“Yeh, but I was home this morning. The cops picked me up at my work cause they didn’t have my current address on file so they won’t know you did it.”

“Okay, but you owe me.”

“I owe you big time, Angie.”

Angie hung up and went into her friend’s room and switched on her laptop. She considered throwing it out, at least that way there was no evidence of the illegal music on Tam’s computer, but decided to delete the files first.

Angie opened Windows Explorer, located the folder with the mp3’s and pressed delete. The computer crunched and whirled as it began chewing up the illegal tunes with the Whitewash file shredding program Tam had installed.

Angie couldn’t help herself, and she began looking at the pictures in the folder named Photos. There were heaps of Tam, Angie and their friends at work, parties and everywhere else Tam took her digital camera; which was everywhere.

“What the...” she said, scrolling down to the thumbnails of what looked like some porn.

Angie could not believe what see was seeing. There were hundreds of photos of her in the shower, getting dressed, having sex with her boyfriend. Angie then looked at the internet and found a website that her friend set up with videos and photos of her, called Angie’s Asspect. She looked around the room to try and find the camera that would be hidden somewhere on the wall to the bathroom and her bedroom.

“You bitch,” she said, finding two small webcams set up behind picture frames.

Angie went back to the laptop and cursed. The music was deleted already. She wouldn’t be able to bring it to the police station as evidence now. There was no way she was going to show the police the photos of her buck naked either, so she deleted them, then took the computer to her room. She would decide what to do with it later.

Angie went back to her ex-best friend’s room, looking for something to incriminate her and get even.

“Got you,” she said, finding the external hard drive Tam kept a back up of all her music on.

Angie drove to the police station, not realizing there were backup files of the videos and pictures on the hard drive when she handed over to the police. That would come the next day when the police arrested her for the illegal porn site displaying these images.

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