Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: The Confessions of Catherine de Medici by CW Gortner

H&S Fiction
Paperback - C Format
July 2010
416 pages
Historical Fiction

Passion, adultery and betrayal in the court of one of history's most-maligned queens.
I was ten years old when I discovered I might be a witch…The sixteenth century: the era of queens. Catherine de Medici is an impressionable, mystical girl. She is orphaned and taken hostage by her enemies, and manipulated by her advisors; yet she is to become France’s most powerful regent. History will make her name synonymous with evil, but she is all too human. Humiliated at the hands of her husband and his mistress, and haunted by her gift of second sight, she must rise above her troubles and fight to save her dynasty and adopted country from the brutal Wars of Religion…In THE CONFESSIONS OF CATHERINE DE MEDICI, C W Gortner vividly depicts the turbulent life of one of history’s most notorious yet misunderstood women.
C.W. Gortner is half-Spanish by birth and his formative years were spent in southern Spain, where his lifelong fascination with history began. After years of working as a fashion marketer and editor, he returned to college to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts in Writing. He lives in Northern California with his partner of thirteen years and their Welsh Pembroke Corgi, and welcomes visitors at:

Review by Susie Wilson

Another excellent book by GW Gortner. I couldn’t put it down. Having read many historically based novels, I find it hard to become enthralled by a new book. But this novel captivated me. It was well written and action packed. The development of the characters through the passing of the years is interesting.

Let’s just say it’s no Barbara Cartland novel, with flowers and kisses. Expect more desires, murder and mayhem. As you begin to get to know the main character, each new page will give you an intimate view of her life.

Fear, frustration and lust are just some of the emotions that you will feel reading this excellent novel.

Very entertaining, buy yourself a copy now!

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