Paper Cuts  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Paper Cuts
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 645

“Dija listen to the lyrics of that Frank Sinatra Song? He asked his companion, “Buy a paper doll indeed”. Nowadays a guy can buy a vinyl doll, like you and do all kinds of things to her.” Charlie said.

“Paper doll?” said Charlie’s friend Reggie. “Wouldn’t you get paper cuts using a sex toy like that?”

“Things must have been desperate back in the old days, hey Reg.”

“You can learn so much about history from music can’t you?”

Charlie changed the channel on his comcorder wrist device until he came across an ad for a six foot two, dark-haired, brown-eyed Veerox model.

“You see, look at the functions of these Angelina dolls. They are so animated; you’d almost believe you had the real deal.”

“I do,” said Reg.


“Where do you think the lifelike moulds came from? Some kind of CGA graphic holographic mock up or something. I bought her body from the cryolabs before they perfected reanimation.”

“You mean, you have the real Angelina at your house?”

Reg just grinned.

“Can I... you know, see her?”

“Tell you what. I’ll let you have a go with her tonight if you like.”

“No way, real flesh and blood. The real thing. How does that work?”

“She’s still in cryo, but I have her rigged up so the muscles work by impulses. You do the right things and she will react accordingly, if you know what I mean.”

* * * *

Charlie rocked up to Reg’s later that evening, eager, yet slightly guilty about ‘meeting’ Angelina.

“I’ve warmed her up for you. She’s all primed and ready for a work out.” Reg said.
Reg led Charlie into his workshop. There were cold stainless steel benches, floors and walls. Not very romantic, but Angelina was dead, so how romantic could you get anyway. Lying naked, apart from the black suspenders, fishnet stockings and lace bra, was Angelina. Not an automated vinyl doll, not a paper doll, but the real live, or suspended animation, flesh and blood, Angelina.

“How is she kept in such good condition? I can’t see anything wrong with her.”
“The bench she is only hides the tubes and cables that preserve her and keeps her muscles toned and in tip top shape. When I decide to sell her back to the lab, for a pretty penny now she can be reanimated, she will look like she has come back from holiday. Not been brought back from being dead for fifty years.”

“She’s beautiful.”

“I’ll leave you two alone, shall I?”

Reg left the room to give the couple some privacy.

Charlie stared at the body for a few minutes before walking slowly up to bench. He ran a hand along her naked leg until he reached her waist. Angelina shivered at his touch. She squiggled and squirmed, raising her hips to get closer to Charlie’s warm hand.

“You like that?”

Charlie moved his hand up her stomach slowly and tenderly, stopping at her breasts. He slowly caressed them, first with one hand and then with both. She responded to this and squirmed even more. Charlie felt aroused and loosened his belt, letting his trousers drop to the floor. He moved so his waist was in line with Angelina’s head and turned her face towards his groin. Charlie brushed her hair back off her face, slowly opened her mouth and moved closer.

Reg heard the scream from the other side of the house. He walked to Angelina’s room, half expecting what he would find. Occasionally, it was different, but most times, guys always tried the same thing with Angelina, and the results were worse than paper cuts.

“I forgot to mention,” Reg said when he opened the door. Charlie was holding his trousers to his groin, trying to stop the blood streaming onto the floor.

“Angelina always bites when she gets excited.”

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