Back on Track  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Back on Track
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 136

“Man, he’s a trip. He’s like the batteries on the ads on TV, regardless of what happens he just keeps going.” Yelled the reporter.

Leaning on his shovel, the council worker picked at his teeth with a dirty fingernail. The coverage began two days ago, non-stop twenty-four seven. It was the most anyone had ever seen someone working on the new expressway move. Two years in the planning and five years in construction and the project was already four years past the completion date.

“The rate this guy is going for it,” the reporter said. “The expressway may be back on track. Oh, no. Hang on... he’s got the chicken out of teeth. He’s looking at it. He’s knocking off. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen; the hardest working council worker has packed it in.”

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