Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: A Classical Journey:The Houses of Ken Tate

Title:                      A Classical Journey:The Houses of Ken Tate
Author:                  Ken Tate
Publisher:             Images Publishing
RRP:                       $80
ISBN:                     9781864702903
Release Date:     October 2011
Pages:                   438


With an emphasis on beauty, this monograph draws the reader into the visionary world of Ken Tate through poetic images, foldouts, and creative graphic design. Exquisite French, Georgian, Federal, Spanish, Greek revival and French colonial houses are masterfully presented in sepia and full colour to reveal the care and skill of not only the architect, but also the craftsmen who built them. This book will inspire anyone interested in the New Classicism executed in the hands of a contemporary master.


A Classical Journey: The Houses of Ken Tate is a majestic and beautiful book, filled with hundreds of fantastic full colour photos. Those interested in modern architecture and interior design will be mesmerised by the stunning classical and modern designs of this genius.

I loved the English Cottage designs, with vast gardens of roses and statues. There was hardly any text throughout the book, but they say a picture tells a thousand words, and these 400 plus pages tell a tale worth listening to.

To compliment the great large sized pages full of photos are fold out pages giving a panoramic view of some of the memorable outside views of the houses?

There are hundreds of small photos, capturing every aspect of Tate’s designs, such as chandeliers, tables, architraves and mouldings.

 Definitely a must for any architecture and design student.

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