Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Infection

Title:                    The Infection
Author:                Craig DiLouie
Publisher:            Permuted Press
RRP:                    $14.95
ISBN:                   9781934861653
Release Date:     April 2011
Pages:                 ebook

A mysterious virus suddenly strikes down millions. Three days later, its victims awake with a single purpose: spread the Infection. As the world lurches toward the apocalypse, some of the Infected continue to change, transforming into horrific monsters.

In one American city, a small group struggles to survive. Sarge, a tank commander hardened by years of fighting in Afghanistan. Wendy, a cop still fighting for law and order in a lawless land. Ethan, a teacher searching for his lost family. Todd, a high school student who sees second chances in the end of the world. Paul, a minister who wonders why God has forsaken his children. And Anne, their mysterious leader, who holds an almost fanatical hatred for the Infected.

Together, they fight their way to a massive refugee camp where thousands have made a stand. There, what's left of the government will ask them to accept a mission that will determine the survival of them all—a dangerous journey back onto the open road and into the very heart of Infection.

"With The Infection, Craig DiLouie takes readers on a wild ride into the darkest regions of zombie territory. Brilliant and terrifying!"
--New York Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry, author of Rot & Ruin and Patient Zero

"This is not just another zombie story... DiLouie takes everything you know and love about the world and turns it into something else entirely. Unflinching horror and surreal, almost dream-like imagery combine to make The Infection a disturbing, nightmarish read."
--David Moody, author of Autumn and Hater


The Infection by Craig DiLouie is a brilliant zombie novel about half a dozen survivors travelling from town to town, looking for somewhere safe from the undead creatures that have taken over the world.

Like many zombie novels, the story starts with a virus killing most of the population of the world, which rise from the dead three days later. The book is written in the third person with many flashbacks to horrific events that lead to the current state of the survivors. This book is quite graphic and note one to read the kids before bed, but a great fix for any zombie lover who wants an all out apocalyptic tale with hardened and scared survivors.

One of the best zombie books I’ve read.

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