Sunday, September 28, 2008

Date with a Vampyre

Date with a Vampyre

By Scott Wilson

Word Count: 327

I don’t know where she comes from she just wouldn’t say, but were going down to the graveyard at the finish of the day. I know it sounds strange, but she has me under a spell or something more sinister. I can’t stop thinking about her; she dresses up in black and wears a red rose in her hair, I know she is a demon but somehow I just don't care.

We met at Morticia’s, Brisbane’s only gothic night club last night, just before sunrise. I wanted to go back to her place, spend the rest of the day with her, make mad passionate love to her, but she said tonight, my dear. All I have thought about since we met is her smooth, milky white skin, her raven black hair. Those scarlet lips, how I want to kiss those lips. I never believed in love at first sight before I met her. This feeling is so strong, so overpowering, I need her. I feel that I will burst with desire like an over ripe piece of fruit in the scorching sun if I don’t see her soon.

It is six o’clock now. Only six hours until we meet at Morticia’s again. The twelve hours already passed since we left felt like a month or more. She wouldn’t tell me where she lived, only that she wanted to take me to the Toowong Cemetery tonight. She was in to kinky, morbid sex she said and who was I to argue. She told me not to wear my skeleton white make up tonight. She said she loved the feel of my skin, the smell of my flesh and blood. I am wearing a collarless shirt tonight, just like she said. A loose fitting shirt that she will be able to rip from my muscled torso easily in the throws of passion.

I’ve got a date with a vampire tonight.

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