But, Ugly  

Posted by Scott Wilson

But, Ugly
Word Count: 470
By Scott Wilson
“That's the ugliest thing I ever saw,” Bree said, screwing up her face and turning away from the troll chained to the back of the cage.
“What about your mother?” Brian said, which resulted in him receiving a swift kick to the rear.
“Yeah, well they say that to know what someone will look like when they get older, all you have to do is look at their parents,” Bree said. “So you’re saying that I’m ugly, but in twenty years time.”
Brian fidgeted with his keys, he knew that he’d dug himself a hole that would not be easy to get out of, no matter what he said.
“Guess who’s not getting any tonight?” Bree said.
“Aww, come on. It was just a joke,” Brian said. “Let me make it up to you. I’ll get us some tickets to ride the dragon.”
Bree’s face lit up immediately, “How are you going to get them?”
Brian opened his coin purse and jingled the coins about. Most of them were just copper pieces, but one gold piece stood out from the others, like a beacon of hope. He pulled it out and ran in across his knuckles.
“I think this will be enough,” he said.
“How did you get that?”
“Old man Rufus paid me to clean out his Wizard’s tower. It was a disaster, what with all of the experimental spells he’d been working on the last year. I even managed to stash a few of the smaller creatures he enchanted out of the tower in my pockets. Got a pretty penny for the Imps, too.”
Bree took Brian’s hands and pulled him close to plant a big, sloppy kiss on his lips.
“Let’s go,” Brian said. “The first rides start at mid-morn.”
By the time they reached the other end of Ye Royal Zoo, a crowd was just starting to accumulate. Brian almost dragged Bree, rushing to get to the front of the crowd.
“Cool,” Brian said. “We’ll be first.”
Bree kissed him again and hugged him until the dragon-keeper opened the gate to the platform. Bree ran towards the dragon, “I’ve got to kiss it,” she said.
Brian quickly ran after her and just managed to grab her arm before she reached the giant beast.
“It’ll burn you,” he said. “Their scales are red hot around the face.”
Bree gasped, not realising how close she’d come to actually burning he petite and delicate little face.
“Thanks,” she said.
Brian was about to reply when the dragon turned suddenly to face them. The heat from its nostrils scorched the side of Brian’s face.
Bree screamed and ran off.
“Man, you are butt ugly now,” the dragon-keeper said.


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