Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Nice Bunch

A Nice Bunch
By Scott Wilson
Word Count: 207

Sally put out the sign advertising fresh flowers by the side of the road, then went back to her two daughters sitting under the beach umbrella. She liked Mother’s Day. Spending the time with her two girls, selling fresh flowers, and making about a month’s worth of income in a single day.

A Range Rover pulled off the road not long after she had the sign out. A well-dressed woman in her thirties hopped out and walked over to look at the buckets of flowers surrounding Sally and her girls.

“Perfect,” the woman said, picking up a bouquet of bright yellow carnations. “Mum always loved these.

“That’s the only bunch I have too, you are lucky.” Sally said.

“Thanks, my three brothers had better hope they can find some on their way to visit mum then” the woman said and drove down the road to the cemetery.

“Okay girls,” Sally said to her two children. “See if you can find me some more yellow carnations will you?”

The girls jumped on their bikes and sped off to the cemetery, eager to look around the gravestones for bunches of flowers to bring back to their mother to sell, again.

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